Gladys Almanza – Business #latinus20under30 2017

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Nació en Veracruz, México y a los 11 años emigró junto a su familia a Estados Unidos. Actualmente trabaja en el departamento de recursos humanos de Castella Imports, una empresa líder a nivel mundial en la fabricación y distribución de alimentos; y desde su posición, guía a diferentes grupos de trabajadores, en la construcción de ambientes laborales óptimos. Se siente orgullosa de sus raíces mexicanas
y espera seguir creciendo personal y profesionalmente en el campo de los Recursos Humanos.

Gladys Almanza is a 27-yearsold who was born in Veracruz, Mexico. At the age of 11, Gladys migrated with her brother and mother to the United States in the search of a better future. As a young girl, Gladys never imagined the struggles that would arise from being undocumented. After high school, Gladys’ realized that being undocumented meant that reaching the American dream was close to impossible. This led her to consider finishing her studies in Mexico. After much advocacy on behalf of the dreamers for amnesty, the DACA program was introduced changing all the dreamers’ lives including Gladys’ in June of 2012. Gladys stated that DACA has opened numerous doors for her that were once closed.

Gladys has worked for Castella Imports since June 2015 as a Human Resources Assistant. Castella has provided her with endless professional opportunities that she never imagined. Working at Castella has given her the support and strength to continue dreaming. In addition to her career experience at Castella, Gladys learned about business and human relations. During the past two years she has found a passion and desire to return to school to continue her education in Human Resources at SUNY, Empire State College. Gladys has not forgotten her Mexican roots, and has embraced the American culture. Gladys is proud to represent her Latin culture and the people that live in this country who are pursuing the American dream.

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