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Nació en Bay Shore, NY y por sus venas corre sangre salvadoreña. Actualmente hace parte de la Organización Adelante del Condado de Suffolk, asesorando a todos aquellos jóvenes que no cuentan con recursos económicos para ingresar a la universidad y que buscan apoyo gubernamental y/o federal. También hace parte del Club Activo 20-30, sirviendo como voluntaria en las misiones sociales que se llevan a cabo anualmente. Actualmente estudia Salud Pública y una vez se gradúe, espera seguir aportando su experiencia y conocimiento a toda la comunidad y sus nobles causas.

Febe Garcia was born in Bay Shore, NY to Delia and Javier Garcia, two humble immigrants from El Salvador. Helping others was embedded in her veins as a child, actively helping in church to those who were less fortunate. In her senior year at Brentwood High School she began to participate at Adelante. She gracefully volunteered
as a computer instructor teaching community adults how to use Microsoft programs which lead to an employment opportunity with the organization. As a first generation student she faced the complexity of college enrollment, feeling the need to fortify the college preparation program at Adelante. In 2011 she initiated with 15 students preparing them for the SAT, understanding admissions and financial aid, while including the parents in the process. Currently the program is servicing over 200 students with college preparation annually, in Brentwood, Central Islip and Patchogue. She is proud to see her students graduate with their degrees.

Febe also volunteers for the Active 20- 30 club of Brentwood, an organization benefiting children in the community. With the organization, Febe has traveled and participated in “Proyecto Sonrisas Saludables” in El Salvador. She has also been able to combine the efforts and events of both Active 20-30 and Adelante to create annual community events such as the Back to School Shopping Spree and Breakfast with Santa serving nearly 300 children.

She is currently in school pursuing a degree in Public Health, that will allow her to continue fulfilling her passion for community and healthcare.

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