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Es un joven orgulloso Salvadoreño – Americano, amante del deporte y corredor de alto rendimiento, desde hace varios años practica cross country y track, dos disciplinas que le han dejado medallas, placas y trofeos que, dan fe del nivel y las buenas marcas que ha alcanzado a lo largo de su carrera como deportista. Con el apoyo de su familia, espera cumplir el sueño de ir a los Juegos Olímpicos, para representar a Estados Unidos o a El Salvador.

Carlos Santos is a 17-year-old senior at the Patchogue- Medford High School. He dedicates himself to running by participating in sports like Cross Country and Track. His dedication to these sports has changed the way he views things and has made him a positive influence in his community. He has become a role model in his current high school and former middle school, where kids have looked up to his athletic and social skills. Carlos was recognized on Newsday for his running ability.

The love for running has impacted his dedication which has allowed him to create history with his team. Carlos has helped his team perform strong and competitively by running fast times and motivating his teammates o do so as well. Carlos’ individual performance has been considered a national athlete and one of the best in his division and league. He has been all county, all league, and nationally ranked for his events. As a young man, Carlos has had many achievements, but he continues to work hard to meet his future goals.

Carlos aspires to become a professional athlete or Olympian. Not only because of his passion of running, but also to show many young people that with hard work and dedication you can make your dreams a reality.


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